Build Wealth HYPERFAST Through Alternative Investments

Break free from Wall Street and learn how to build wealth faster through alternative investments! HyperFast Wealth is ready to teach you our proven methods for finding investment deals, flipping homes, using self-directed IRAs, wholesaling, and much more.

Dan Lesniak and Sunil Saxena are experts at generating wealth through real estate investments, having spent years investing in Washington, D.C.’s aggressive housing market. Now, they are here to help you!

Our Top 10 Ways of Generating Wealth Through Real Estate

#1. Create a Subdivision– Buy a property and split it into multiple properties. The new lots can be sold off as lots or taken to completion and sold as homes or commercial space.

Do a lot of work up front to study the feasibility of subdividing and if you do not have experience partner with someone that does and hire very good architects, engineers and attorneys.

Pros- Can be very profitable if done successfully

Cons- Can take a long time to complete which can present challenges with holding costs and liquidity.

#2. Investing with a Group – Another great investment option is to partner with a group and invest in their project. This gives you the ability to leverage the experience of more seasoned investors. Depending on the structure you might have more security as well. 

Pros – Use the experience of others to get better returns and to learn 

Cons – Less control and less profit than doing it yourself