Do you have a home to buy or sell in the DMV? 

We want to make your purchase of your NEW HOME as easy and convenient as possible. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Keri Shull Team to offer this amazing GUARANTEE!

Ranked as the Top Producing Team in the DC Metro area, Keri Shull and her team have sold nearly $5 billion of local real estate. The team has helped thousands of families buy or sell their home in VA, DC, & MD. Keri offers her clients several GUARANTEE programs that eliminate the typical risks associated with buying or selling properties.

Our Buyer Guarantee

No one should feel stuck in a home that they don’t love — which is why we offer a unique 1-Year Buying Satisfaction Guarantee! If you are not completely happy with the home that you purchased, then we will buy it back from you or sell it FOR FREE. This ensures that you buy your new home with 100% confidence while minimizing stress and risk!

Our Seller Guarantee

Your Time and Peace of Mind Are Our Top Concern

We know how much your home means to you, so we promise to give you a premium, personalized experience every step of the way. The home selling process shouldn’t have to be a stressful, time-consuming experience — so we created this guarantee to put your mind at ease!

If we can’t sell your home for the agreed price, in a time frame that works for you, then Keri will buy the house from you! We’re confident that we can help you sell your home faster, for a better price, and with less stress to you than any other agent around.

You want a guarantee that gives you the peace of mind that your home will sell so you can buy your next one with confidence. Unfortunately, most agents simply can’t make this kind of guarantee!

If you hire Keri Shull though you are in luck. She can make this kind of guarantee, and much more! In fact, she has sold thousands of homes and spent millions of dollars backing up her guarantees. Keri Shull created her own Move-Up Buyer Guarantee Program to solve this dilemma for our clients.

Move up to any of our current listings and either GUARANTEE the sale of your home or sell it for FREE! You can pick the program. Register today or give the Keri Shull Team a call for more details on this amazing program!

Sell your home, worry-free

We don’t want your home sale to add any extra stress to your life — especially if you are moving on a tight time frame or need to sell your home before you buy another! 

We have 10 years of excellence and success in real estate, and we are completely confident that we will sell your home faster than anyone else. You will benefit from our expert marketing strategies that put your home in front of the right buyers, faster — so you can put your mind at ease!

Trust the Best

Over the past decade, the Keri Shull Team has cemented itself as the #1, top-selling real estate team in the entire DC area, and one of the top-selling teams in the entire country. That success translates directly into more resources that we use to market your home and get you top dollar on your home sale!

This record of success is also proof that we can — and will — back up this guarantee. If we can’t sell your home, Keri will buy it from you!

Our Move Up Guarantee

Purchase one of our Hyperfast Developments & we’ll sell your home for FREE!